1. Holloway

From the recording So Much More With Me/Holloway

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Words and Music by Mattie Leon


You say "Love is out to get you
picks you up to only leave you stranded at the door.
Kick away the pain it left you
and all you're left is someone there you're learning to adore"

She says I should come and find her
Grab a ticket west and spend a summer on the shore
and even though I can't deny her
summer dies in both our eyes and leaves us wanting more.

I have travelled all the roads in my head
and Holloway is in the moment.
This advice I think is bound in debts
but through it all she still seems worth it
for me

You and I would talk for hours
Talk about the little things we never could ignore
I can't fight the pain or power
I miss the way you made me feel about myself before.