1. Annalyne
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Words and Music by Mattie Leon
Drums by Mike Leon
Produced and Mixed by Mattie Leon
Mastered by Reuben at Mojito Mastering


Everybody's a burned out candle
Everybody a faded pair of eyes
I don't know how you do what you do but
I don't know and I won't ever criticize

I've been waiting out front all hours of the night
Waiting on you honey
Waiting on you Annalyne

And in the earliest hours of the morning
In the cigarette smoke and broken light
Everybody is searching for something
to fill up all of the loneliness inside

Waiting on you Annalyne

I know the way that you curse at the mirror
and pick apart all the flaws in your design
But anybody would do your damage
anybody would take you out these arms of mine

And all of the dreams I had were born and shattered
before you cared
And now it's the fighting for those things that matter
When I see you there