Words and Music by Mattie Leon
Drums by Mike Leon
Produced and Mixed by Mattie Leon
Mastered by Reuben at Mojito Mastering


You're painting pictures of the way the forest plays with you
Just when you're lying in her vines
I meant to tell you how I felt before the summer
Before your hair you went and dyed

You found somebody and he treats you like he ought to
You see a future in his eyes
It ain't so hard to see the things you love about him
and it ain't so hard from here to see how good you are

And I doubt my hopes of you and I
Cause I know, deep down, you're satisfied with you
And I'm wasting all my time
On chasing love away inside
Cause I fall each night a hundred times for you
A hundred times for you

Some people change and move away and find another
Some people hold on things too long
Maybe for me I'll be someone else's dream
Maybe you'll still be there lying under every star

And all the things you are
In open spaces
And all the dreams we had
That now you're making
Now you're making