1. Alabama
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Words and Music by Mattie Leon
Drums by Mike Leon
Produced and Mixed by Mattie Leon
Mastered by Reuben at Mojito Mastering


Below the Mason Dixon
And just below all that noise in Birmingham
I was born in comfort
Born a southern man

In Alabama

When I met my Virginia
She knew more than I could ever understand
She took these hands of grandeur
and made them relevant

In Alabama

We lost our shirt in 54
Cause Virginia had been dying for integration
Back then you lost all you had
if you dared to stand against their segregation

So we packed up all we had
Started things again
Built up our new firm for Civil Action
Fought for everything we ever had
In Alabama

Good friend of ours made trouble
Sparked up Montgomery
We bailed her out on the double
That Edgar Nixon and me