1. Boy

From the recording Signal Hill

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Words and Music by Mattie Leon
Drums by Mike Leon
Produced by Mattie Leon
Mixed by Josh Bowman
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

*This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters


Our years were young
back when we found brazen love
Bold, adolescent blood
running out of each of us

We bet our lives
surrounded by each parent's side
Let our hearts decide
with these youthful eyes

Then an older love
crept up into both of us
Had us a child to love
lost what the feeling was

And I swear to you
if there was one thing I could do
it would be to feel for you
Wish I could feel for you

Don't you push me out before I'm gone
You're looking for a reason
To keep me out the places I belong
Let me take that boy I made back home

I can barely breathe
bank account on hold and freeze
Lawyers and their families
try to keep the boy from me

And I see your face
and all the ways it seems to've changed
Hurting me for hurtin sake
Who could raise you up that way?

Time will bring him face to face with you
and when he asks you where I was
I know you'll give him fragments of the truth
And I don't mind
Tell him all the things I put you through
But say "Your father he stopped loving me
but never for an instant stopped his loving you"