1. Brother Should

From the recording In Natural Light

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When it’s fading into night
And the city’s all aglow
I always think of home.

Every memory that fades with time
Gets sweeter as it goes
Till it’s a whisper in your bones

I start to think of you
And what a couple years can do
When we’re a couple hundred miles apart
We stretch these family ties
Across time zones and border lines
Then wonder why we all feel so alone

With all that’s changing
I don’t want to drift away
I wanna be there like a
Brother should
All the plans we make
Never see the light of day
All the promises we never made good

You pay for all your strength
All your willingness to try
To squeeze a little good out of your life
Cause with every thing you run towards
You leave something behind
Don’t be leaving me behind

I talk about you still
To anyone with time to kill
Rave about the things you’ve done this far
Force a broken smile
Say “ya we chat all the time”
Then crumble through old pictures of us all in the dark

never change
Inside I’m always 18 and afraid
Of the apathy of time
How come he never breaks
From tearing all the things we love away
Don’t tear it away